T&C for all field users

It is only your own dog(s) coming to Off The Lead and their vaccinations and wormers are up to date.

Each session starts on the hour and lasts for 50 minutes.  Field users agree not to arrive onto site before the start of the hour and to leave the site on or before ten minutes to the hour. Users should wait on the road outside the entrance if early.

If there are any animals loose on site, users should remain in their car until any issues have been resolved.

On arrival, field users should check the field to ensure there is no person or dog within it and that the fencing is secure.

Field users agree not let their dogs out of the car until they are ready to watch and walk with them.

Field users agree to stay close to their dogs at all times, and interrupt potential damage to the field and equipment such as digging.

Field users will pick up after their dog and use the bin provided

Users will also aim to take all toys home, particularly being vigilant in removing broken toys and balls.

Field users will not book the field in any professional capacity – it is only for personal use.

Field users agree only to bring dogs from the same household

We are sorry but we do not accept group hire.

Foreign rescues should not attend Off the Lead within 14 days of entering the country.

If the dog, or any it lives with, is showing any ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general lethargy etc) Field users agree to cancel the session.  The field is used by many different dogs, some with weakened immune systems.

Field users will let us know if their female dog comes into season. We do allow in season females currently but will monitor numbers and may limit access to a particular field.

Please note that all aversive training equipment is banned – this includes, but is not limited to: electric collars; spray collars; prong collars, rattle cans and corrector spray. If you are unsure if you are using a banned item, or would like further information on why these items are banned, please get in touch for a chat.

No responsibility will be taken for any loss or injury to dogs or walkers. All equipment is for use by dogs only and you, the owners, take full responsibility when using them.

Finally all users of the field hire do so at their own risk.